The Wolverine – Quickie Review

July 30, 2013

The WolverineAfter enjoying the midnight show, we sat down and recorded our thoughts on The Wolverine. Set mainly in Japan, Logan returns to say goodbye to a dying friend. However, things are not what they seem. The dying Yashida offers to take away Logan’s healing-factor so he can live as a mortal man, in turn giving that same healing-factor to Yashida, so he may live on. Logan denies him and Yashida subsequently dies that night. At his funeral, the yakuza show up and all hell breaks loose. Faithful-ish to the 1980’s wolverine comic, this movie was a great bunch of fun and a welcome increase in quality over the previous wolverine movie. Listen to the review below for our complete thoughts. Read more…

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Pacific Rim – Quickie Review

July 13, 2013

Pacific RimAfter taking up an entire row at the midnight show of Pacific Rim, we came back to the studio and recorded our thoughts. Was it good? Is it everything us geeks have been hoping it would be? Listen to the review below to find out! Read more…

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The Lone Ranger – Quickie Review

July 6, 2013

The Lone RangerWe went to see The Lone Ranger the other day and recorded what ended up being an in-depth review of the movie. We had fun talking about it and even learned some super nerdy Lone Ranger trivia from John of! Listen to our ramblings below.

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