The Wolverine – Quickie Review

The WolverineAfter enjoying the midnight show, we sat down and recorded our thoughts on The Wolverine. Set mainly in Japan, Logan returns to say goodbye to a dying friend. However, things are not what they seem. The dying Yashida offers to take away Logan’s healing-factor so he can live as a mortal man, in turn giving that same healing-factor to Yashida, so he may live on. Logan denies him and Yashida subsequently dies that night. At his funeral, the yakuza show up and all hell breaks loose. Faithful-ish to the 1980’s wolverine comic, this movie was a great bunch of fun and a welcome increase in quality over the previous wolverine movie. Listen to the review below for our complete thoughts.

Rating - Full Price

Rating: Full Price (4 out of 5)

Fun Factor: 88%

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