• John Fitch

    John is primarily an artist with Panda Manga. He is the creator of PandaManga.com and is often collaborating with others as well as working on his own original works.
    facebook: ShakkaPanda
    twitter: ShakkaPanda
    Website: PandaManga.com

  • Justin Honeycutt

    Justin is a talented comic writer. His humor and creativity is legendary in the exclusive circles he travels in and we are excited to have him working with us!
    facebook: Justin Honeycutt

  • Joseph Viscia

    Joe is an excellent and creative comic writer. His first strip with PM is tentatively titled "Dinner and Dragons". Joe has incredible vision and skill, he is a valued member of the PM team.
    facebook: Joseph Viscia

  • Joy Horvath

    Joy is talented 3D designer, artist and comic creator. She is a long time friend and compatriot in our collective efforts to create comics. Look forward to her first comic on Panda Manga titled "Artist Monk".
    facebook: JM Horvath
    twitter: Joy Horvath
    Website: Triangulated.org

  • DCastr

    David Castro A.K.A. DCastr is a skilled artist who continually pushes his art to new and exciting levels. DCastr is one of PM's first contributors and we are honored to host his unique and excellent comics.
    facebook: Taco Comics
    twitter: DCastr
    Deviant Art: DCastr

  • Brad Langer

    Brad Langer (b. 1982), grew up in the small town of Clarenville, Newfoundland, Canada, an avid skateboard and snowboard enthusiast. When he was 18 he moved away to attend college, where he gained a diploma in Visual Arts, and then a second diploma in Digital Animation. He currently lives in the capital of Newfoundland, St. John's, where the Narwhal Knight is based, with his long time girlfriend Jaclyn and their cat knives (Scott Pilgrim reference). Brad has been a part of many ventures in the art and design community, including album covers for bands worldwide, poster and promotional material for different Wrestling federations across North America, but his main passion is drawing and creating comic books. The Narwhal Knight is his first published comic.
    Comic Site: NarwhalKnight.com
    facebook: TheNarwhalKnight
    twitter: Narwhal_Knight