097 – Geek Life – Stalker DtM

Stalker DtMThis week we chat about the indie comic Stalker: Donning The Mask written and lettered by Bradley Potts, illustrated by Trevor Von Eeden & Danny Fahs, with colors by Blake Wilkie & George Freman. This story follows a young woman’s journey for justice. After the tragic and violent deaths of her parents, Carrie discovers her mother had a huge secret, she was once a masked vigilante! Now Carrie must take up her mothers mantle as the Stalker to take down the worst criminal of Stalker’s entire career. Written with an interesting pacing and endeavoring to put a new spin on the costumed hero genre, Bradley bravely tackles this ambitious project with skill and for the most part succeeds in creating an engaging book. Be sure to read Stalker for yourself on Sunday-Superheroes.com!

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