028 – Geek Life – Games

It’s the games podcast and this time we have a great one for you! First we review issue 3 of Eben07.com‘s “Operation: 3 Ring Bound” (Also be sure to support the Kickstarter campaign “B-Squad” from E. Burgoon of Eben07 fame). Then we interview PM’s own Admin about her new game “White Out” available on iOS now! And finally we tackle the slippery subject of online multiplayer in our segment “Climbing The Multiplayer Cliff”! The Cliff details our 16 recommendations to help all you “Noobs” out there to successfully tackle the online multiplayer world!

16 Ways To Climb The Multiplayer Cliff:

  1. Bring Friends
  2. Trollolo lo lo
  3. Start/stay in noob area
  4. Co-op before you PVP
  5. Make challenges for yourself
  6. Observe achievements
  7. Learn the maps
  8. Watch the ping
  9. Adjust/customize your controls
  10. Practice practice practice
  11. Don’t obsess over statistics
  12. Separate self worth from character death
  13. Have a mic
  14. Learn how to mute
  15. Dividing is not concurring
  16. If all else fails…Get drunk!

Music is provided by AirPlus Recordings+. This week’s songs in order of play are “When You’re Away” by Gattica Kid & “Tokyo lights in the distance” by  [armed nation]. Both are available on Airplus Recordings Singles Vol 3.

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