026 – Geek Life – Zombie Survival

This week we talk zombie news and review comic “Dead Ahead” by Mel Smith. At the recent Days of Terror convention we met Mel Smith who generously hooked us up with a copy of this excellent comic. “Dead Ahead” is an interesting take on a rarely explored topic of zombie survival – zombies on the high seas! In all seriousness, survival on a boat during a zombie outbreak sounds like a good idea at the time but it comes with its own challenges, which Smith skillfully explores with co-writer Clark Castillo. Smith’s vision comes to life in vivid and complex detail with Alex Nino‘s illustration. Thanks again to Mel Smith for the comic, we hope to see you at a future convention!

Music is provided by AirPlus Recordings+. This week’s songs “Skyline 555” by [armed nation] and is available on Airplus Recordings Singles Vol 3.

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