006 – Geek Life – Comics

After a brief hiatus the PM podcast is back! This week we come back around to the subject of comics. That’s right everyone, we have officially touched on all 4 proposed subjects since the launch of the PM podcast! This being our first return to the subject of comics, it is a landmark podcast for us here at Panda Manga.

We have 2 indie reviews for you today. We review Queen and Country” by Greg Rucka, illustrated by various artists, as well as “Criminal Macabre: The Cal McDonald Mysteries“(Omnibus) by Steve Niles, illustrated by Ben Templesmith and Kelley Jones. We also pay homage the great “Garfield” by Jim Davis with our “9 Things I Learned From Garfield”.

Instead of featuring a song provided by AirPlusRecordings, this week we have special guest TigerPaw from AirPlusRecordings in the studio LIVE! TigerPaw generously shares with us a sneak peek at his remix of “Skyline” By RoXa, as well as plays a LIVE SONG! TigerPaw‘s live song is yet to be named, however we are working with him to set up a poll to help him choose the title of his new track. Stay tuned for a chance to help TigerPaw name his new song!

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