Elysium – Quickie Review

ElysiumAfter the Thursday night pre-release of Elysium we sat down after to record our thoughts on this epic dystopian sci-fi film. MATT DAMOOOON plays Max, an ex-criminal just trying to get by as a legit citizen when he gets a lethal dose of radiation at his job in the local Robot Factory. He immediately goes to his old acquaintance (and criminal) Spider to get a ride up to Elysium, a space colony orbiting earth, where the uber-wealthy live in comfort and peace. Every home in Elysium is outfitted with a med-bay that can fix anything (and I mean anything, one guy gets his face blown off, and a med bay fixes him up good as new). This is where the fun begins. Elysium is an action packed blockbuster that holds up a mirror to today’s division between the haves and have nots. Listen to our complete audio review below!

Rating - Full PriceRating: Full Price (4 out of 5)

Fun Factor 78%

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