087 – Geek Life – Defeating Creative Block

Defeating Creative BlockThis week we share techniques and talk about some experiences of defeating the enemy of every creative out there… dun dun duuuun! Creative Block! THE Admin joins us in this special Creatives Conversation to share her experience with creative block from the video-game art and design world. In addition to the return of THE Admin, we also enjoy some great letters from the Geek Life Brain Trust, a fearless group of creators we’ve met over the years who share their perspectives and sage advice with us from time to time. Thanks so much to everyone who wrote in, if you’d like to check out the work of our friends in the Brain Trust just follow the links below.

This time from the Geek Life Brain Trust, we have…

Sean Mclean – LoopComic.com

Jala Prendes – NeonSkiesStudio.com

John Jamtli – Dazz.no

Madeline Holly Rosing – BostonMetaphysicalSociety.com

Ed Cho – LittleGuardiansComic

Lunarbaboon – Lunarbaboon.com

Joe Flanders – NinjaAndPirate.com

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Music is provided by AirPlus Recordings+. This week’s songs in order of play are “Small World (Greed Remix)” by Aux Verba and “The Dream” by Blindstate, available on the new AirPlus Recordings record “Winter Chills“. If you like these songs, be sure to support Aux Verba, Blindstate and AirPlus Recordings!

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