057 – Geek Life – Games

Oculus RiftThis past weekend we spent all day Sunday playing with THE Admin’s Oculus Rift dev-kit. HOLY CRAP it’s awesome! This is the future friends. Check out our conversation on all things Oculus and find out what it’s really like in the rift!

This week we recommend Ready Player One by Ernest Cline! This book is fun, exciting and damn near prophetic! JP listened to this on audible recently and was blown away, now most of the Geek Life crew has enjoyed this excellent story. Remember, if you’d like to get the audible version free go to AudibleTrial.com/GeekLife to get your free audiobook!

Music is provided by AirPlus Recordings+. This week’s song is “Oracle” by RunC.T., available on his record “Three Wolves“. If you like this song, be sure to support Run and AirPlus Recordings!

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