038 – Geek Life – Comics

This time we talk comics. The Indie Spotlight this week focuses on the web-comic “6 Color Stories“. 6 Color is a great comic by talented artist, housewife and stay at home mom Lynn. Each page is hand drawn with traditional media and has a striking charm that pulls you in and gets you chuckling in short order. Read “6 Color Stories” at 6ColorStories.TheComicSeries.com, and be sure to follow Lynn on Twitter @6ColorStories!

Next we review “In The Dark” issue 2 by Crystal Gonzalez! We met Crystal at the APE convention this past October, where she took some time to talk about her awesome comic and even hooked us up with a copy! “In the Dark” is about a man named Fibble and his demonic slave named Sin. Sin and Fibble don’t get along at all but are stuck with eachother, in hell, with demons, and stuff trying to kill Fibble, which Sin can’t let happen because if Fibble dies in hell, Sin dies too! So Sin is forced to save Fibble from all the beasties who want to eat his face. In this issue, Fibble faces off with the evil demon “Idolatry” who happens to be a giant Japanese anime plushy cat. This comic is funny, insightful, creative and crazy! Preview and purchase “In The Dark” at InTheDarkComic.BlogSpot.com. You can see more of Crystal’s work on her portfolio, blog and DeviantArt pages!

Finally, THE Brian has thrown down the gauntlet with a “FB Like Battle Royal” between “Dinner & Dragons” and “Artistic Monk“! This contest has it all… rules, prizes, deadlines and name calling! Check the Panda Manga blog soon for a full article explaining everything.

Music is provided by AirPlus Recordings+. This week’s song is “Altered State” by Vague Illusion. If you like this song, please support Vague Illusion and AirPlus Recordings!

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