035– Geek Life – Comics

This week we talk Comics! Whoo! First up is the Indie Spotlight, this time we focus in on the web-comic “Yeti 4 Hire” by Jeff Crowther. This lighthearted “all ages action comic” is both written and illustrated by Jeff. The art is simply entrancing, from the line art to the color, it’s just beautiful. The story focus on Veronica and her friend Yeti, who are busy trying to make money by taking odd jobs, all the while dodging D-list super villains and their arch nemesis “Dr. BatFace”! Make sure to check out Yeti at Yeti4Hire.com, follow Jeff on Twitter @JeffCrowther and check out his Tumblr and facebook pages!

Next we get into our comics segment “East vs West Faceoff…off…off”. Two favorite comic characters in a battle of not so super challenges! Marvels’s “Wolverine” takes on “Son Goku” of Dragonball fame in a series of odd events. The Geek Life crew muses about who would be better at say…a cupcake bake-off for example, along with many other silly challenges!

Music is provided by AirPlus Recordings+. This week’s song is “Stratus” by ComaSleep available on “Airplus Recordings – Singles Vol. 3“. If you like this song, be sure to support ComaSleep and AirPlus Recordings!

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