032– Geek Life – Movies

This week in the news, we talk about Melissa Pagluica‘s exciting new project “Above The Clouds” available on AtCloudsComic.com! Our indie spotlight shines on the hilarious and adorable web-comic “The Tale of Tamarind” by Perry Alter. Perry’s great comic focuses on a cute little elf who is surprisingly overpowered! Make sure to check it out at TamaComic.com!

We review the ambitious comic “The Sunless Circus” by Chris Kawagiwa. This beautiful and touching comic accomplishes amazing visual strength and emotional depth without a single piece of dialog. Chris calls this a “Silent Comic”. It is an amazing exercise in visual direction and subtlety.

Then we’re off to talk about good old Star Wars and the announcement of J.J. Abrams to direct the upcoming episode 7! Finally we wrap-up with an in-depth look into reboots in film and television. What are the Geek Life crew’s favorite and most hated reboots? What makes a reboot great and when is it OK to reboot? Listen and learn! (^_^)

Music is provided by AirPlus Recordings+. This week’s songs in order of play are “Down Time” and “Care a Bit (Feat. Imogen Heap)” by RunC.T. from his EP Galaxy.

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