031– Geek Life – Zombie Survival

Come get your Zombie Survival goodness… Grade Z 100% pure! Geek Life gets back to it’s roots with this weeks Zombie episode! We forgo our usual comic review in favor of a robust and complete zombie episode!

A little while back, we had a listener reach out to us with a request for “more zombie sections”! We heard your cry for more robust zombie survival episodes and that’s exactly what ep 31 is all about! We talk Z-traps, survival tips and even look at the top 5 best an worst pets to keep after Z-Day!

This time’s Indie Spotlight shines on the awesome web comic “Human Nature“! Written by Adam Volk and illustrated by Pol Desmarais, this clever comic pokes fun at office work and culture. Volk’s insightful humor and Desmarais’ clean and sharp illustrations are a delight. Make sure to check them out at HumanNatureComic.com

Music is provided by AirPlus Recordings+. This week’s songs in order of play are “The Parting (of ways)” by Blindstate, and “Vague Illusions” by Vague Illusion. “The Parting (of ways)” can be found on Blindstate’s amazing new EP “These Lovely Bones“. “Vague Illusions” is off of Vague’s awesome album “Binary“. If you like these songs, be sure to support their artists and AirPlus Recordings!

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