030 – Geek Life – Comics

It’s all about comics this time. In our indie-review we look at issue 4 of Eben07’s “Operation 3 Ring Bound”. We have enjoyed our Eben-athon! Sadly we’re at the last printed issue, but fear not, we can all continue to enjoy Eben07 and Ninja-Dan’s adventures on Eben07.com as E. Burgoon and D. Bethel continue their work on issue 5 of “Operation 3 Ring Bound”.

Next we talk web-comics. As we dig into the Geek Life staff’s personal favorite web-comics, we find some crazy, obscure and awesome ones to enjoy. Hopefully we mention something you’ve never heard of! It’s always good to have ANOTHER one to read… Right? (^_^)

Music is provided by AirPlus Recordings+. This week’s song is “Softspoken” by RunC.T off his excellent new album “Three Wolves“.

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