027 – Geek Life – Movies

We’re back baby! Epic craziness recently but, PM endures! First, forgive the uneven audio this time around, I totally had some of the twizzly nobs on our gear set to the wrong recording pattern so…. darn. Anyway, it’s all about movies this time. First we review “Operation 3 Ring Bound” issue 2 from the guys over at Eben07.com! We caught up with E. Burgoon & D.Bethel (Eben07 creators) at the recent Sac-Con, where they generously hooked us up with their latest issues.

Next is our movie segment: “What would Georg Lucas Do”. Good o’l Georgie boy seems to have an insatiable need to tweak, modify and in general add stupid shit to his movies after the fact. We ask the question, WWGLD? Today, George’s target is… the Back To The Future trilogy!

Music is provided by AirPlus Recordings+. This week’s song is “Six Degrees” by Vague Illusion, off his “Mo Anam Cara” Ep. “Mo Anam Cara” is currently available free on AirPlusRecordings.com!

Below are some useful links from the show:

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PandaManga.com’s Machete Order Review/Marathon

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