024 – Geek Life – Comics ParaCast

Welcome to the Comics ParaCast! This time we review “Planet Of The Vampire Women: The Chronicles of Jak Vanda” by Darin Wood and Paul Allen. This hilariously entertaining and dynamic comic totally tickled our funny bones. Vampire Women is based on the similarly titled film “Planet Of The Vampire Women” written and directed by Darin Wood.

After our first comic review, we forgo a second review in favor of telling some of our personal paranormal stories around the Geek Life campfire. So grab a bag of marshmallows and sit around the fire with us as we tell spine chilling stories from our own lives.

Music is provided by AirPlus Recordings+. This week’s songs are both by the one, the only Vague Illusion. The songs in order of play are “With You” and “Hysteria“. “With You” is available on “AirPlus Recordings+ Singles Vol. 3” and “Hysteria” is off of Vague’s new album “Binary“.

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