Geek Life Podcast ep 101 – Long John

Long JohnThis week we spotlight the latest from D. Bethel of Eben07 fame. Lately he’s been working on this amazing comic called Long John. Bethel knocks it outta the park with issue one of Long John. This issue should be used as a guide on how to make a first issue. It’s got mystery, humor, character development and even some action sprinkled in for good measure, and here’s the kicker, it all works great! You really get a feel for John and the town of Poverty Flat by the end of the issue and we’ve barely scratched the surface of this rich world. Long John Walker, the most deadly gunfighter in California, is having a bad day. On the edge of Mono Lake in the Eastern Sierra, John wakes up alone, bleeding and in nothing but his long johns. What happened to his gang “The Johns”? Where is his gear? And why is he practically naked?! We highly recommend you read Long John on and find out!

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